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we make websites.

We enjoy creative challenges, and respect the 'discipline of a dollar' that our clients insist we abide by.

Each client brings something unique to focus our attention -- we aim to connect internet possibilities to your specific business needs.

We strive for distinctive. This means no templates, no 'over-the-top' quotations that seem too good to be true, and plenty of thoughtful collaboration along the way.

Clear goals. Properly executed development strategies. Justified results. Website design, application development and site hosting are just the starting point... xguru is serious about service.

mentoring. dedicated web service & support.

Following the launch of every web site, we like to play a supportive role in an ongoing relationship.

We'll stay around a while, because it always gets more interesting.

our agreement.

xguru understands the investment companies make to their website -- the front door to your associates/ customers/ competitors. Our role is to help you keep content fresh and the communications flowing.

Equally important, we keep trying to be creative.

Most xguru clients elect to have a webservices agreement for support and assistance:

Webservices engagements span for short periods or continue as long as needed.

websitesWe prefer long term.
So do our clients.